Study on the Habits and Practices of Personal Care

Questions Answers
What is this study about?
  • We are conducting a study on the habits and practices of some common personal care products that you use daily.
  • This study seeks to understand consumers’ usage about certain personal care products that you use daily/weekly.
  • For this study, you will be required to record your experience of using selected products, and you will need to ensure that you have sufficient quantity of the selected personal care products to last at least 14 days.
  • You will be required to make 2 visits to Asia Insight’s Office (Jalan Besar/Lavender/Farrer Park area) .
Where will the 1st and 2nd visits take place?

  • At Consulting Group – Asia Insight Pte Ltd, 1 King George’s Avenue, #03-00 Rehau Building Singapore 208557.
What time are the visits?
  • We will send you a link for you to book a 30 mins timeslot between 10 am to 3pm for your 1st and 2nd visits.
  • Please ensure that you arrive at least 15 – 30 min earlier than your schedule time slot.
What are the safety measures put in place to ensure the safety of participants? Is it safe for me to join this study?
  • Yes, it is safe to join this study.
  • We will ensure that everyone adheres to the following safety measures:
    • All visitors must have their masks worn properly at all times.
    • No eating or drinking will be allowed in the study venue.
    • All respondents are to be seated at least 1m apart and no mingling will be allowed.
    • Staff are to remain at their allocated work areas and avoid unnecessary interactions across workstations.
    • Only  Fully vaccinated participants would be allowed to enter the premises.
    • If you are experiencing symptoms(fever, cough,flu.etc)on the day of your visit, please inform us and do not attend the survey to ensure the safety of the other participants.
How do i book my first and second visit? Can i cancel my booking?
  • You can book your first visit by clicking the link sent to you and choosing your timeslot.
  •   Once you have made your first booking, a different link would be sent to you to book your second visit using the same steps.
  • You cannot cancel your booking using the same link. For any cancellation or rescheduling of visits, please contact us via WhatsApp at +65 8135 4625.
Directions to Asia Insight
  • Address: 1 King George’s Ave, #03-00 REHAU Building, Singapore 208557
  • By Public Transport: Nearest MRT stations are Jalan Besar/ Lavender/ Farrer Park. All 3 stations are about 10-15mins walk to the office.
  • You can find directions on how to locate us from Farrer Park or Lavender Mrt with the link below:
  • Click here
  • By Car: Pls park along Syed Alwi Road near Anytime Fitness or Blk 1 Maude Road (coupon parking)
  • By Taxi/ Grab: Key in Asia Insight’s Address and you will be dropped off below our office


What do I need to do when I reach Asia Insight?
  • Complete SafeEntry for Rehau Building (Barcode can be found at the main big glass door)
  • Pls enter from the main big glass door (near security post), opposite Hotel NuVe Urban, Lavender Carpark
  • Take the lift or stairs to Level 3
  • At the entrance of our office, please
  • Complete the SafeEntry for Asia Insight and show it to the front desk executive.
  • Show that you are Fully Vaccinated.
  • Complete and show the health declaration form to the front desk executive.
  • Please take a seat in the waiting room
  • The above also applies to your 2nd visit.
Will I be briefed individually or in a group?
  • You will be briefed in groups.
  • Social distancing measures will be put in place.
What language will be used during the briefing? English only.
Do I need to bring anything for the visits?
  • Yes. You are required to bring all the products that you have filled in your registration form for the session.
  • Please ensure the products that you bring would be sufficient for the 14 days.
  • Please bring a pen for your own use to prevent cross contamination.
  • We will inform you of which products to bring during your visit via WhatsApp.
What can I expect during the visits?
  • Your attendance will be registered at the registration reception counter by Asia Insight team. (Registration link and Unique Enrolment number will be provided)
  • Volunteers will sign 2 copies of Volunteer Consent Document.
  • Each volunteer will be given an A4 box to store their products.
  • Products which you have brought along with you will be labelled with a volunteer enrolment number.
  • The above also applies to your 2nd visit.
  • In the 2nd visit, participants must bring with them the same labelled products.
What do I need to do during the 14 days products usage? You will be briefed on all the details during your 1st visit – how to fill up the diary sheet during the 14 days study period.
When do I need to start doing diary?
  • The 1st day of your diary will be the same day as your 1st visit to Asia Insight.
  • Every day you will need to record your selected products usages inside the diary link.
  • Please ensure that the diary is completed by 11.59pm every day.
  • The Asia Insight team will send a reminder to complete the diary everyday.
What do I need to fill up in the diary sheet?
  • You will be required to fill in the Diary Sheet (via google form) for all the selected products that you use (product type, product name and brand, no. of uses per day etc.). This would be a simple exercise taking about 5 minutes a day.
  • This exercise will continue for about 14 days until your 2nd visit.
  • In the case where you are unable to make it exactly 14 days after for your 2nd visit, you are required to continue the diary until your 2nd visit.
What happens if I can’t make it for 2nd visit? As mentioned above, this study requires 2 visits and there is a need to record the diary across a 2-week period. If you are unable to make it for the 2nd visit, you will not receive the final incentive amount.
In case of any query how do I reach out? If you have any other queries, please contact us via WhatsApp at +65 8135 4625.
What will I get after my 1st and 2nd visit? An incentive of $150 will be provided to you in 2 parts.

During the 1st visit, you will receive $30 cash and the remaining $120 cash on your 2nd visit.

As participation in both sessions are important, those who do not come for the 2nd session will not be given the incentive amount.

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