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Asia Insight has invested and finetuned our suite of innovative tools, aimed at helping to inspire clients to bring about the innovation that is often much needed. Innovation that is centred on customers, trends and market forces.


Tracing the digital footprints of your Asian customer

What AI Digital Monitor captures:

Online site visitation behavior
Click-through behavior
Search behavior
Brand exposure

Tracing the digital footprints of your customers

Digital Monitor’s state-of-the-art online metering technology registers actual online behaviour of your consumers, which will take the guesswork out of your consumers and not rely on their abilities to recall past behavior.

Does consumer behaviour online feel like a daunting 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle to you? Have you always wanted to make data-driven digital media buying decisions?

Engaging your customer need not be a disorganised mish-mash of tactics if you use Asia Insight’s Digital Monitor.

It’s non-intrusive data collection process captures valuable information about consumers’ online whereabouts and interests. With the data in-hand, we seek to understand their motivations and attitudes through interactive engagements through mobile and online platforms.

Click here to see our case study on China’s ecommerce market.


How are you evaluating your video advertising?


How are you evaluating your video advertising?

Facial expressions are a universal and spontaneous reflection of human emotions. With our modelling technology, it is now possible to interpret facial expressions into emotions in an efficient, scaled-up and automated manner.

FaceTs is our answer to a holistic advertising framework that takes into account the conscious response of the consumer as well as the unconscious.

Often, traditional advertising evaluation tools relies heavily on self-reports of respondents who need to translate their feelings and reactions into words or ratings.

Instead, the FaceTs uses a Facial Decoder that enables us to not only pick up second-by-second the emotions experienced by consumers, but does so on a large scale and automatic basis.

The process uses a webcam that captures the consumer’s facial expressions while they watch the ad. The facial feedback data will then be decoded by a modelling database which will generate a true-to-second stream of emotions reflected by the face.


Translating “eyeballs” into objective data


Translating “eyeballs” into objective data

Pinpoint is an eye-tracking technology that captures objective data of what the audience looks at, and the order they view objects, to identify what attracts consumer attention and interest.

Clear additional insights into behaviour
Measurable behaviour
Objective results
Hard deliverables

Eye tracking has become a very accurate indicator of what research participants are looking at. Marketers using both print and online media for example, are beginning to rely more and more heavily upon eye tracking data than ever before.

When there are so many products and information vying for consumers’ attention, the quicker marketers are able to determine if their product, ads or webpage is grabbing the audience the way it is intended, the quicker that marketer is able to change and adapt to his or her growing audience.

The set up for PinPoint is light and does not require cumbersome equipment. It could be applied for ad test, packaging test, online usability, retail environment design, in-store merchandising, shelf test…  the possibilities are endless!


Retail Enablement Dashboards


Measure your retail front performance in terms of POSM performance, product display, sales force competency, and competitor activities in-store in real time.

It provides you with close-to-real time reliable data, not anecdotes.
It gives you the full-visibility of your retail-front and easy-to-read data and not just piles and piles of spreadsheets.
Dashboard reporting system can also be tailored according to your needs in order to provide you with actionable analysis to guide your business strategies.

Retail Master is a fully customisable web-based reporting tool that enables you to monitor various levels of your business, slide and dice the data by many parameters such as city, country, even by individual store level, enabling visibility, agility and transparency that is critical for retailers today.

You can now access timely information at the fingertips (not a month later!) to make your business decisions.

Our dashboard, the AI Retail Master, enables excellence in retail marketing.

This powerful tool will help you to monitor the pulse of macro and micro aspects of your business closely and timely, allowing you to implement quality checks and address problematic areas immediately and react to market movement quickly.


New ways to collaborate with customers


New ways to collaborate with customers

Asia Insight puts a twist to co-creation by looking at it as a catalysed innovation process. Powered by trends and consumer insights to inspire ideas, which is in turn synthesised with internal know-how, and internalised by businesses into products and services.

Organisations today have realised that products and sercvices cannot be designed in silos. Customers are now not confined to the receiving end of the design process but are actively   participating in the dynamic process of giving feedback and lobbying for optimal user experience. They have become social innovators, who want to be involved in the creation process.

That said, the way we do market research itself, has shifted from just collecting consumer impressions (e.g. evaluative metrics like surveys, focus groups) to consumer expressions! The ways in which we engage consumers now in market research, are now are becoming a lot more engaging and collaborative due to the trends, and it is not surprising that companies are now constantly looking for new ways to collaborate with their customers to co-create new products and services.


Customer commitment research tool


Measuring and managing Customer Commitment

In today’s highly competitive environment, managing successful customer relationship involves going beyond simply satisfaction and service quality measurements.

The key to business growth is not just about delighting your customers, but also about building long term relationships with them, and also profiting from it at the same time.

To fully and truly support clients’ needs, strategic customer satisfaction studies must identify, qualify and prioritise drivers that eXcite customers and enhance COMMITMENT, beyond measuring satisfaction alone.

Traditional customer satisfaction implies a one-dimensional perspective – the more you do on each attribute, the more customer satisfaction will improve. We know however, that different attributes have different effects on customer commitment.

Based on the derived importance of attributes, specific performance on each attribute, and the knowledge about the attribute type, will be mapped within the Matrix, where your strengths, weaknesses, as well as areas to improve are indicated. This allows for precise recommendations, at each level, in order to fully satisfy your customers’ expectations, and improve customer commitment.


Living the life of your customers


Living the life of your customers

Lifestyle Finder offers an avenue for in-depth understanding of lifestyle needs, emotions and motivations. Going beyond the boundaries of traditional research, it is a form of interactive and contextual research to track and understand the lifestyles of your target segments.

Lifestyle Finder uses a combination of diaries and photo scans to fully understand and track the lifestyle of key target segments on an ongoing basis. It offers a powerful pictorial and contextual representation of target respondents.­

While providing great visual and verbal material, which can be used to bring lifestyles and trends to life, it also allows to gain very insightful output related to values and attitudes of respondents. Simple questions such as important things in life and greatest achievements, people most admired and why, “what’s in? what’s out?” or objects illustrating respondents’ life and passions, can be very valuable in deriving underlying values and trends.

A variety of clients have often used the Lifestyle Finder to develop new products as well as to define optimal branding and positioning strategies. By focusing on unarticulated needs and motivations behind the respondent’s behaviours, it could represent an extension of today’s business and a window into future product opportunities.

Click here to see how we apply Lifestyle Finder to understand millennials.


Engaging your customers


Engaging your customers

These days, an excellent product or service at a fair price is no longer sufficient!  Companies need to be in touch with the customer at every point of interaction, from delivery of value, right down to the emotional satisfaction.

Hence, successful companies are placing their customers at the centre of their decision-making process and developing strategies that deliver a consistently positive experience at every touchpoint of the Customer Journey.

With our CARE (Connect, Attract, Retain and Engage) TouchPoint Model, Asia Insight is able to assist our clients by guiding them to prioritise and focus their investment on the most effective touchpoints that drive customer commitment. This done with in-depth understanding of customer needs, and blending them with internal and market factors.

With this, we leverage on innovative qualitative research methods, such as ethnographic and the co-creation approach, which empower participants to help develop winning ideas for our clients. In many ways, we are constantly engaging in state-of-the-art quantitative analysis techniques to help our clients prioritise current resources as well as to predict future consumer trends.

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