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Performance Tracking

When is good, good enough?

Many companies make the mistake of seeking measurements without understanding that measurements in themselves are meaningless, unless they can be benchmarked against:

Competitor Performance

Customer Expectations

Performance Over Time

Other Self-defined Standards

Performance Tracking is fundamental to conducting truly actionable market research.

At Asia Insight, we have a plethora of tools to help our clients do that – some of which we elaborate further below.


Information at your fingertips

Asia Insight’s reporting dashboard is effectively designed to place essential, relevant information at decision makers’ fingertips. Tracking of your KPIs hasn’t been easier and more timely.

Imagine sitting at your desk and having the ability to obtain daily or weekly feeds on the performance of your team performance, store audits, customer satisfaction ratings, mystery shopping results etc.

Competitor Landscape

Know your enemies and know yourself

Sun Tzu famously wrote in his Chinese military treatise “The Art of War” that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss (知己知彼 百战百胜).

Using approaches such as desk research, customer interviews, accompanied shopping, mystery shopping and projective probing techniques, we help our clients understand the competition, and more importantly, what they need to do to win, in light of those insights.

Mystery Shopping

Obtaining information via realistic shopping encounters

Well-equipped to customise and conduct various Mystery Shopping programmes, we conduct such multi-market programmes in the Asia Pacific region on a regular basis. From high-end private banking services, to tourist traps, to hole-in-the-wall retail shops, we have successfully trained and sent in mystery shoppers to carry out realistic shopping encounters and obtain the necessary information for clients.

KPI & Performance Tracking

Collect the data accurately & cost-effectively

Measuring the performance of your business – whether it is customer satisfaction, loyalty, brand equity and so on – at a single point in time is not sufficient. Tracking those performance indicators over time is critical in helping to identify problems at an early stage and nip things in the bud, so that you can continue to grow and improve over the long-term.

Yet, tracking studies are both a boon and bane to any company. Have you encountered tracking studies which died a natural death after a while because they fell into a rut, losing the value-add to the business after a few waves as similar results are shown again and again?

Asia Insight has been running tracking studies for our clients, some for over a decade, with our strong operations enabling us to collect the data accurately and in a cost effective manner. Merged with the business sense that we inject into each study, our close partnership with clients allow us to keep tab with changing business needs, while keeping a constant view of the customer over time. This means that tracking study results are consistently refreshed and delivered to end users in a meaningful way.


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