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Innovative ideas create value that may translate into incremental changes – such as adding new product features, using technology, or improvements in processes to deliver new customer experiences – while others may be revolutionary changes in how the strategic assets of an organisation is used to generate long term value.

Co-creation / Ideation

New Concept Evaluation

Lifestyle & Needs Exploration

Market Gap Analysis

Over the years Asia Insight has developed a reputation for being experts in Innovation.

Local and international clients have successfully developed and launched new products and business processes on the strength of our research findings and consultancy services.

Develop Customer-centric Product


Throughout the process of new product development, we bring the “voice of the consumer” into the picture.

Through contextual studies, we help our clients understand target users’ interaction with the product in their usage context, thus making sure that our clients’ focus is user-centred.



Consumers have evolved and so must market research. They are not confined to the receiving end of the design process but are actively participating in the dynamic process of giving feedback and lobbying for optimal user experience: They have become social innovators.

Looking at co-creation as a catalysed innovation process, we have the appropriate tools and processes in place to harness all that creative energy into an ideation process for you, acting as a catalyst that brings the different stakeholders together to spark off great ideas, innovate and make them happen.


Growth Strategy

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Performance Tracking

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Branding & Positioning

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Customer Experience

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