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Digital Marketing Strategy

Not a one-way street!

Digital channels, combined with analytics, have transformed the way marketers reach and engage their target customers. The onslaught of disruptive technology, e-commerce and digital marketing channels have brought about new challenges to our clients, while at the same time created new opportunities like never before. Throughout the digital strategy, client’s need answers … “How do we do better?”, “What’s next?”, “Which touchpoint optimizes our omni-channel investments?”

Omni-channel Consumer Journeys

Channel & Media Optimization

Campaign Performance Analysis

User Experience Research

Tracing Digital Footprints

With our fingers constantly tapped on the trends and what they mean for brands.

Asia Insight, is in a class of our own to conduct cutting edge perception research for brands – whether your targets are consumers or business.

Omnichannel Consumer Journeys

Tracing the Customer Footprints

The modern-day consumer no longer follows a predictable linear path to purchase.

Through a process of customer journey mapping, we help our clients understand the interplay between offline and online interactions, and pinpoint key influential media and moments of truths. This helps brands to connect with customers where it matters, creating seamless buying experiences to win more sales.

Channel & Media Optimization

Make your Ad Dollars work Harder

Faced with countless media options, where should we place our advertising dollars?

We help clients understand which channels are salient and influential to their category, helping them to identify gaps in their current strategy. Going beyond clicks and likes, Asia Insight studies various levels of engagement each media vehicle can drive.

Campaign Performance Analysis

A 360° view on Performance

Often, a campaign is measured by a very narrow set of KPIs. That works at a high level, but to truly extract future learning, a more rigorous diagnostic is needed.

Asia Insight provides a repertoire of quantitative and qualitative techniques to uncover which parts of the campaign worked – and those that didn’t. We study the performance of online and offline activities, impact of creatives and advise on where clients should focus to get more bang for their buck.

User Experience Research

Placing Customers at the Centre

A common misunderstanding is that UX research is all about techniques such as A/B testing, eye tracking and card sorting exercises.

Asia Insight takes a human-centered approach, covering consumer’s needs, jobs-to-be-done, and emotions thorough the Discover-Explore-Test-Feedback stages of a product and service design cycle.


Tracing the digital footprints of your Asian customer

Digital Monitor’s state-of-the-art online metering technology registers actual online behaviour of your consumers, which will take the guesswork out of your consumers and not rely on their abilities to recall past behavior.

It’s non-intrusive data collection process captures valuable information about consumers’ online whereabouts and interests. With the data in-hand, we seek to understand their motivations and attitudes through interactive engagements through mobile and online platforms.

Click here to see our case study on China’s ecommerce market.


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