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Branding and Positioning

Not a one-way street!

Influencing and managing customers’ perceptions of your brands and products/ services has always been challenging, but it just got that much more so with the increasing importance of earned media, and transparent marketing.

Brand Positioning

Customer Profiling

Usage & Attitude

Media and Advertising Strategy

Competitive Profiling

With our fingers constantly tapped on the trends and what they mean for brands.

Asia Insight, is in a class of our own to conduct cutting edge perception research for brands – whether your targets are consumers or business.

Brand Positioning

Comprehensive Market Research

Exploring the ‘essence’ of a brand, investigating directions for positioning and re-positioning, developing stronger brands, relating your positioning against competition, identifying ‘gaps’ in the market.

Our work provides brand owners with insights into where their brand is today, while helping them articulate and achieve desirable future brand positions.

Customer Profiling

Branding research begins with ‘The Consumer’

At Asia Insight, we strongly believe that the consumer is the ‘starting point’ in the development of a brand, therefore all our market research starts by listening to the voice of the customer.

We analyse the customers, their functional and emotive needs and their relationship with the brand. We remove the functional layers surrounding the brand and we get to the core emotive needs.

Usage & Attitude

Strategic brand decisions

Our market research helps decision makers determine how consumers perceive the benefits and image of a particular brand or product.

Armed with our brand research results, brand owners can confidently develop brand strategies such as determining how the brand should be positioned in order to achieve maximum consumer acceptance. Brand owners can also identify, measure and explore the areas that they need to build on and areas that they need to influence in order to strengthen the brand.

Media & Advertising Strategy

Advertising development and evaluation

Can my advertisements cut through the clutter? Are the promises about my brand coming through? How can I improve ad effectiveness? And how will my advertisements work in other countries?

Communication often needs to be adapted to local needs, values and expectations. It is the business mantra ‘think global, act local’, which can probably be chanted louder than anywhere else in Asia! Based on our experience, localisation of communication often becomes more important in the Asian context. Asia Insight has long supported our clients’ advertising strategies, capturing the short-term and long-term impact of advertising efforts, and exploring the relationship between advertising and branding efforts.

With our work, we test advertising both in its cognitive and in its affective dimensions, and we provide both diagnostic and evaluative inputs on new advertising concepts, focusing on our client’s ultimate purposes and objectives for their campaign.


Growth Strategy

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Performance Tracking

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Customer Experience

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