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Omnichannel Shopping and Buying Behaviour

With increasing consumer tech adoption, more informed consumers, increasing prevalence of marketing technology and omnichannel retail, the integration of digital into consumers’ everyday lives has never been so prevalent. For a brand that wants to connect with customers, it seems like having an omnichannel approach is ideal. But – which online or offline channels should you be investing in for your category to ensure the best reach?

Some Categories Are Moving Faster Than Others…

in integrating online purchase channels to meet the needs of their consumers. Categories are moving at different speeds mostly as a result of supply factors – there are brands which use technology to disrupt the current market landscape. They adopt new business models, remove the middleman through tech, etc. And there are some categories that are catching up as brands understand more about removing consumers’ barriers to purchasing online.

Break the barriers between your brand and the consumer by understanding consumer journeys.

How Does Lifestage Change the Way Consumers Buy?

Millennials and Gen X consumers purchase more using mobile devices than Baby Boomers. Having young kids also changes your spending pattern, as Millennials and Gen X consumers with young kids are even more likely to purchase more on the mobile devices.

Purchase Channel for Most Recent Purchase by Age Groups (%)

Purchase Channel for Most Recent Purchase by Life Stages (%)

What You Will Learn from This Report:


On channel pathways that consumers are taking while shopping


On the online purchase experience


On balancing online and offline channels in the pursuit of reaching out more to consumers


On tracking consumer journeys and media optimisation for your brand

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