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Flying Low – A New Entrant

The Client

  • Travel; New low-cost carrier

The Background

  • New market entrants have the exciting task of uncovering unspoken needs of customers, in all aspects of marketing, from product, branding, customer experience journey, to delivery of services. Differentiating from exisitng incumbants is a huge challenge.
  • At the time of this study, low cost carrier was a new offering to the Asian traveller. Our client needed to ensure that their brand is positioned well and other tacticals such as creative visuals and website are aligned with its’ positioning.
  • As a low-cost carrier, the website is a key touchpoint to reach out and engage with its’ customers. Thus, requiring indepth testing of the web experience.

The Approach

  • The study captured the needs of different life stages.
  • We embraced the use of technology to allow respondents an interactive and dynamic platform of discussions, through hands-on experiences.
  • Clients were able to view step-by-step, actions of individuals on a real time basis, while the moderator teased out rationale of actions taken by respondents. This approach obtained the benefits of both articulated and unarticulated needs via behavioural observations.

The Outcome

  • Findings from this study helped the team to enhance the overall usage experience of the website, developed a compelling brand positioning, which contributed to the expansion and growth of client’s customer base.

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