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Facial Coding Technology

The Client

  • Telecommunications

The Background

  • The client had been moving away from conventional TV advertising approaches towards more subtle, emotion-based videos for brand building purposes.
  • True reactions to these ads could not be measured using traditional ad testing methods relying on self-reported responses which tend to be rationalised.

The Approach

  • Respondents’ true emotional responses were captured using FaceTs, Asia Insight’s facial coding technology
  • This tool enabled second-by-second emotional reactions towards each ad to be captured.

The Outcome

  • Findings indicated that the ads were able to elicit strong emotional connections with the target audience, thus confirming that the client’s gamble in moving along the new advertising direction paid off.
  • We also identified key popular themes and execution styles which resonated with the audience, thus providing our client with important guidance to help tweak and refresh its branding effort.

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