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Customer-Centric Approach to Co-Creation

The Client

  • Telecommunications

The Background

  • In Singapore, a city with well developed telecommunication and high internet penetration, telcos operate in a highly competitive and mature market. In this environment, coming up with innovative new ideas, products and services can be challenging. Our client relies heavily on sound research insights, to implement consumer-centric strategies.
  • This study was tasked to uncover innovative new ideas that would drive the long term segment-focused strategy stipulated by top Management. Deep understanding of segment needs and motivation was absolutely necessary, to facilitate such efforts.

The Approach

  • Asia Insight’s Co-creation Framework was employed in this study, a multi-pronged approach that inspired and generated fresh new ideas for our client.
  • With the help of a cleverly designed sample, utilizing a complex matrix, this study covered more than 100 qualitative interviews, clustered by segments and needs.
  • The Co-creation framework offered our client a strong perspective not limited to respondents’ articulated needs, but was enriched with learnings culled from observing the context of their lifestyle, communication dynamics and usage behaviour.

The Outcome

  • New sub-segments were identified, breaking some preconceptions about “typical” segments. Insightful profiles were brought to life, inspiring the birth of actionable plans, new products and services.
  • The study marked the start of a truly customer-centric product and marketing journey in the company.

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