Market Research for Success

The Millennial Archetypes and
Their Purchasing Habits

With a total spending power that is set to overtake any other generation’s, the urgency to capture the millennial customers’ hearts is greater now than ever before. While most brands understand the importance to “speak their language”, the amount of stimuli that millennials are exposed to everyday makes it extremely difficult to create real, lasting brand identification.

The Largest Spenders in History

Start connecting with millennial consumers in Asia today.

Get Under the Skin of Your Customer

Qualitative Mapping of Singaporean Millennials

Millennials are not one homogenous faceless group. Our initial work into Lifestyle Finder, Asia Insight’s proprietary market research tool, reveals interesting and distinct segments for brands to easily capitalise on.

Use the right tool to gain a deeper understanding of your millennial customers.

What do Millennial Consumers Really Want?

What Millennials Want Beyond Functional Benefits


Ideal Self











Deep Dive into the Lives of

Your Millennial Consumers

Recognising that millennials have different expectations and are highly unpredictable, marketers are now channelling more investments online to actively engage them.


Asia Insight’s Lifestyle Finder paints complete pictures of their lives, aspirations and delve into emotions that drive their purchase decisions by capturing ‘in-the-moment’ snapshots via an online diary.

Find out how Asia Insight’s Lifestyle Finder can benefit your business.

What You Will Learn from This Report:

Customer Segmentation

Deep-dive into the life of your consumers for contextual data

Case Studies

Track user behaviour via “in-the-moment” snapshots

Integrated Methodology

Understand how new and traditional approaches work together

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