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Engaging Singaporean Gen Zs coming out of the COVID-19 circuit breaker

Highlights from an online focus group with Gen Z Young Adults 

The implementation of a near lockdown (circuit breaker) put everyone on an emotional roller coaster. For Gen Zs, it has disrupted their routines leaving them unprepared and therefore irritable, annoyed, bounded and feeling unproductive. News of lay-offs, pay-cuts and uncertainty at work further added anxiety and stress.

Among the fresh graduates there was added pressure given the inability to secure a job or at least an internship. However, a couple of weeks into the circuit breaker they learnt to appreciate the new-found perks of a slower pace of life, time for self and flexibility. While they do experience an occasional blip, they seemed to bounce back from it faster than expected.

Impact of the circuit breaker on Gen Z’s attitudes and behaviours:

  • Preference for light-hearted messages and content to keep gloom at bay
  • Appreciation for ‘Me time’ and slower pace of life- makes them feel more in control of their lives
  • Virtual one-upmanship (“My home gym/dalgona/etc. is better than yours!”) is a double-edged sword that annoys them but also drives them to improve
  • Indications of a boomerang from virtual world friendships to real-world friendships
  • Largely unsure of the new normal, many hope to be able to retain some parts of their life during the circuit breaker

To learn more of what this means to marketers

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This is the first study in a series of conversations with Singaporeans across generations

Learn more about Consumer Behavioural Insights during COVID-19 period

Simplicity Bias identifies that people tend to get simple judgments and don’t like too complicated thinking logic.

What have we observed?

To reiterate measures to be taken to combat COVID-19, the Singapore government launched ‘Singapore Be Steady!’ on Sunday (Mar 22). The video features Phua Chu Kang (PCK), a character from a popular sitcom, who also starred in the Sars-vivor Rap video.

The musical video is an attempt to reinforce instructions in a light-hearted manner. It uses some of PCK’s catchy phrases like ‘use your brain’ and ‘don’t pray pray’ to drive resonance.

What does it mean to marketers?

In a situation packed with gloom, consumers may be more receptive to light-hearted communication. As we do so, we need to ensure the communication doesn’t undermine the seriousness of the situation.

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What things are possible online?

  • Understanding how people currently use a product or services
  • Validating a product that is in production / prototype
  • Mapping behaviour longitudinally (Diary studies / Cultural probes)
  • Observing behaviours and interactions without interfering
  • Devising and building with the team ( Remote workshop / Co-creation)
  • Run online surveys

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