COVID-19 Focus: Self-care & Grooming

The pandemic hasn’t deterred consumer interest in self-care and grooming…

We see consumers shift from, ‘the need to be well groomed’ to ‘the need to have healthier skin and hair’. That the fear of the pandemic made consumers more conscious of their health is a given. But being locked-down and home-bound also gave them more time to reflect and take a closer look at themselves and their lifestyles.

Fashion, beauty and health were among the top categories shopped for online by consumers. Of these over 60% of the purchases were made online i.e., from mass market online retailers, online brand retailers and social commerce.

Among Fashion, Beauty and Health- online purchase of health products increased by 38%, recording the highest uptake.

Fashion, which already had a high online purchase base, saw lower growth.

How does this change impact the new normal?

There is a desire for some ‘Me-time’ and ‘Escape’.

Brands could help consumers achieve this by catering to needs like:




Self-Pampering and Indulgence

Brands which facilitate self-care and pampering from the comfort of their homes.

‘Being comfortable in your own skin’

Help them look effortlessly presentable and boost selfconfidence during online and outdoor interactions.

Self-Protection and Care

Redefined self-care options with more indoor and outdoor activities.

What You Will Learn from This Report:

Overall Purchase Behaviour

What categories were most shopped for during the pandemic?

Reasons for up-take in categories

What are the key drivers for change in behaviour towards fashion, beauty and health?

Online vs. Offline shopping behaviour

What categories did consumers shop for online vs. offline?

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