Things You Must Know About

China’s Digital
Consumers’ Behaviour

The China market has undergone a profound shift within the past decade. The new online customer journey is now driven by young, savvy and sophisticated shoppers who no longer fit the traditional path-to-purchase funnel.

Online Shoppers in China:

The New Customer Journey

Our analysis of the new customer journey suggests that it continues to evolve into something that is less predictable and linear. For brands to truly stand out in the digital space, they need to break through the clutter and deliver immersive, content-rich experiences that combine, rather than silo, multiple touchpoints.

Recognising the trend, marketers are now channelling larger proportions of their marketing investments online to capture these digital moments with consumers – especially on mobile devices.

Developing A Successful Online Strategy

To help clients gain a 360-degree understanding of the path-to-purchase, we devised a different research methodology to measure actual online behavior that does not need to rely on
(often subjective) consumers’ recall.

By analysing specific clicks, keystrokes and dwell times on websites, brands are able to gather data on the efficacy of each digital platform – providing them with insights to optimise their media mix and develop a sound online strategy.

Top Sites Visited by Chinese Consumers to Browse for Laptops and Tablets

Top Sites Where Purchases Actually Happened