An Overview of E-commerce and Online Shopping Trends Across Asia

The landscape of e-commerce in Asia has undergone a huge shift, brought about primarily by the global pandemic. As the world grappled with Covid-19, consumers across Asia turned to online platforms to fulfil their shopping needs amidst lockdowns and social distancing measures. ...

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Market Research’s Vital Role in Brand Positioning

Navigating the diverse and dynamic Asian market requires a clear understanding of local consumers and competitive landscapes. Market research stands as a fundamental tool, offering critical insights to strategically position a brand and establish a solid foothold in the market. ...

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Notable Sustainability Trends for Businesses Across Asia

Sustainability is no longer an optional practice but a fundamental shift that is reshaping global markets – and Asia being no exception. The diverse countries within the continent are adopting varying approaches, reflecting their unique cultural, social, and economic contexts. ...

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