Eye on China

Tracking of Auto Show Visitors based on Mobile BigData

Every year close to a million visitors flock to China’s auto shows looking for their perfect vehicle. As an exhibitor of Beijing Auto Show 2018, do you want to know who your visitors are? Traditional survey methods can only capture limited information of a very small subset of your visitors. ...

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Riding the Electric Vehicle Boom in China

More than half a million New Energy Vehicles are driven the roads of China, learn more about the various factors contributing to the industry’s exponential growth and the upcoming NEV models in the next 3 years. ...

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The New Purchase Journey of The Chinese Consumer

China’s ecommerce market, already the largest in the world, is set to continue booming behind major forces like Alibaba, and an unprecedented rise in access to technology for Chinese consumers. By devising an alternative research method using new analysis technology, we set out to measure the actual paths to purchase of Chinese online shoppers.. ...

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